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SUPERGIRL artist Bernard Chang will be relocating his drawing table to the friendly confines of DJ’s Universal Comics in Studio City, CA. From March 23-27, Chang will be working “in house” on actual pages from his upcoming issue of the teenage Krytonian superhero. If you enjoy the Batman comics but you would rather go as his much loved crime-fighting partner Robin then you can do so quite as easily. Anyways, thanks again to everyone for making the last three years so much fun and for talking Supergirl and comics with me. I hope you all have enjoyed visiting here as much as I have enjoyed blogging. Back then I had no idea about blogging or social media at all. So this was a harmless and fun ‘imaginary story’ which looked back and referenced some nice elements of DC’s and Supergirl’s history. Add in the occasional back issue review and commission/collection addition and I am usually busy. Add to that the bonus of catching a sneak peek of the upcoming Supergirl book and I would be there all day. If you suddenly find your story is stuck, it’s much harder to fix it when you’ve gotten past the planning phase and have started putting your story out there for the public to read.

Every time they teamed up it was a great read. And thanks to Jake Black, Dean Trippe, Bernard Chang, Matt Camp, and any other creator who has stopped by here to read and comment. So I want to thank everybody who comes here, reads my posts, and takes the time to comment. And to the regulars who stop by and comment frequently (you know who you are), I can’t thank you guys enough for making it feel like a little community here. Nowadays it is not enough that you padlock and chain your doors. Therefore, lighting solutions should be innovative and strong enough to meet the demands of your big business. There always seems to be 슈어맨 going on to keep Supergirl front and center. While the breadth of this blog has grown a bit to include the other Superman family titles, JLA, R.E.B.E.L.S., and the Legion, I always strive to keep Supergirl as the focus of this place and I think I succeed. All I knew was that I had a love of Supergirl and I wanted a place to put down my thoughts about the character. It helps that her character seems so popular now.

Both are good actors in their own right, but as actors they can never truly portray the character in any comic simply because the characters aren’t real. It portrayed real comprehension of Gods love and message for His people in the world. I love the process of comics, so to watch thumbnails turn to sketching turn to finished pencils is a dream of mine. But I thought this blurb was worth repeating (again from Robot 6): “‘World’s Finest’ is a love letter to the ol’ DCU and two of our favorite characters,” they wrote in a press release. He told event officials he was an agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and that he needed two tickets to enter the room to look for a fugitive. The truth is those two characters were like peanut butter and jelly. It is also easy to establish wireless connections with different electronic devices like landline phones, cellphones, and TV sets. I’d also like to thank the creators who have stopped by here for interviews or comments over the last year. The coach should be the person who understands your weakness and works on covering it with strengths.

The comic target audience is teenagers, as well as adults who are young at heart. Thanks for keeping me on target with reviews and points of view, showing me things I missed, and pointing out when you think I am off the mark. With a steady rotation of monthly reviews, sales and solicitation previews, and the usual Anj commentary on previews and interviews I read, I think there is a backbone structure to this place. Although, at the time, I think there wasn’t a Lena in the DCU. Is there anything I should be doing that I’m not? But I am always interested in hearing if there are things I could be doing more of, less of, or differently. For me, the best part of my doing this blog has been meeting and talking to so many Supergirl and comic fans here. As a fan, I appreciate knowing that the voices and concerns of Supergirl’s fans are being heard.g

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